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Whether you're planning a retreat or conference, a seminar or an event, we would like to quote from the Psalms of David and say "May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." Our dedicated staff and comfortable accommodations help make Elijah's Harbor a beautiful, scenic place to rest, rejoice, fellowship, and focus on what's important.

To make reservations, call us at 856.465.7650.

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For more information, call Elijah's Harbor at 856.465.7650

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“The wonderful spirit and atmosphere was refreshing, and a testimony of the servitude of the owners and staff. Praise the Lord for you all!” read more

- Pastor Woody

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Reserving Your Accomodations

To reserve one of our suites, homes, or apartments, just call 856.465.7650. The Elijah's Harbor staff will assist you with selecting and scheduling your accommodations as well as answer any questions you may have. We will need to know the dates you would like to stay with us and the size of your party when you call. Once you have called and set up your reservations, you will receive instructions and options for making your deposit. See below for more about payments and donations.

Event Reservations

Elijah’s Harbor can host many types of Christian events, from church staff planning meetings to leadership seminars. Call 856.465.7650 for more information about available facilities, open dates, options for set up, meals, and accommodations. Our staff is here to help you with all the details to help make your next event a success.

Payment and Donation Options

To make donating as flexible and easy as possible, Elijah’s Harbor can accept money as well as many other types of donations. You can securely make a deposit or pay for your stay, sponsor a pastor and family, support the Elijah’s Harbor ministry, or help fund an event.

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